How to set up Coinbase & Bitcoin Funding Team Account



If you have already set up your coinbase account you can skip the first four steps.  However, if you have not set up a coinbase account, you need to click on the link below in #4. Thanks you! 














Step # 1 -  Take photos of your driver’s license (one front and one back).

Step # 2 - Call the number on the back of your debit card and let them know that you will have international transactions coming.


Step # 3 - Load your email and leave it open

Step # 4 - Load Coinbase in Google Chrome and leave a tab open.


Sign up!

Note: Keep good notes of your username, password and security question, and answer.

Follow instructions on getting your account confirmed and increase limits.

Step # 5- Fund your wallet with a debit card. (at least 0.12 bitcoins)



Step # 6- Load Bitcoin Funding Team and leave tab open.


Sign up!

You will be instructed to pay platform fee.

Step # 7 - Upgrade to level one.

Copy and paste the wallet address for your first upgrade donation into the Send Funds page in your Coinbase account.

Copy and paste the proper amount from your upgrade page into your send page in your Coinbase account.

Click Send Funds

Go to Dash Board in your Coinbase account and click on the transaction that you just made.

When the transaction comes up, copy the info in the hashtag box.

Paste the hashtag into the hashtag box on your upgrade page.

Click the submit button!

Could take several minutes to show up, but you should be finished!

For more information refer to the link below